1980’s Quad Fin Surfing Hawaii Surfboard

Take a look at this unusual quad fin by Doug Warren. Does anyone know what the deal is with this shaper? Whomever he is, the shape of this board seems like it would be a fun rider.  I’m listing this board on Ebay starting Sunday, March 22 @ 3:15 p.m. for a seven day auction. Ebay Keyword Search: 1980’s Surfing Hawaii quad fin surfboard


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2 responses to “1980’s Quad Fin Surfing Hawaii Surfboard

  1. Lance

    I know this shaper. Not personally but he shaped me a board which I glassed myself back in 1986. He was a surfer/shaper back in the mid-80’s that lived on the southeast side of the island near Sandy Beach/Hawaii Kai area. He broke his neck surfing out at Yokohama Beach on the west side of the island one day and miraculously wasn’t paralyzed. He was in halo traction for a long time though. He shaped great boards. I glassed mine with just the laminating and sanding coats and that board was awesome. Light, fast and loose. Perfect for Hawaiian surf. Good luck in the sale.

  2. thevintagesurfboard

    Hey Lance,

    Thanks for the detailed information about Doug Warren. Hopefully he is still surfing and shaping.

    Thanks for checking out the site.


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