The One That Got Away; 80’Shawn Tomson Twin


The Craigslist score of the day, a vintage Shawn Tomson priced @ $150.00. The seller admited they knew nothing about the board. Who got it?



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3 responses to “The One That Got Away; 80’Shawn Tomson Twin

  1. Jimmy

    I have a shaun tomson board like this that I still ride once in a while but is a single fin and a bit longer I think. Any idea what it is worth?

    • thevintagesurfboard

      Hey Jimmy,
      Yes, Shaun Tomson surfboards are valuable to certain vintage board collectors. The value of your board is really based on condition and any artwork airbrushing. Email me back a picture, approximate dimensions, and condition and I can do a rough estimate.

      Thank you for checking out


  2. vince

    hey I like your site. I bought that shaun tomson for $140. The color is allot better then the pictures. but it needs the fin to be redone, and the swallow tails need repair. i saw the ad 5 min after it went up. And when I got there he said he had 15 calls on it. So I couldnt work my magic on him. I do not look on craigslist that much any more. But have scored 30 to 50 or so vintage boards from there. I think you in pasadena , I think you bought a Mccoy from me a few years ago. I live in hermosa. take care vince

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