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1980’s Miami Vice Quad Fin by Brian Bulkley





A Miami Vice era and influced quad fin by Brian Bulkley. The board is in excellent condition and one of my favorite California 80’s boards. I first discovered Bulkley boards back in the 80’s in San Clemente.  Bulkley still shapes his boards by hand and has a great Quad Fin Disk.


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Turbo Fin Quad by Randy French circa 1984




This rare Randy French Turbo Quad fin surfboard was estimated to be shaped around 1984. I’ve ridden it a few times and it’s fast and loose.  I had many guys asking if they could ride it or wanted to sell it – not a chance.  Randy French is the owner of Surftech epoxy surfboards.

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1980’s Town and Country Tri-Fin 6’0″ X 20″ 2 3/4″




Another Town and Country favorite from the mid 1980’s. This board is in great condition with only a few dings. As you can see, the artwork is the defintion of 80’s style and design.  I love these “bright” boards now, but ironically, I woundn’t been caught dead surfing one of them as a teenager in the 80’s.

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Filed under Uncategorized Slater, Machado, Curren + Kwok Drop Into Santa Barbara Benefit For Mexico’s First Green School in Sayulita Event

Transworld stopped by to check things out– got some play at the event
check it out:

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Filed under Uncategorized 80’s Twin Fin Donation Brings in $400.00 After Bdding War — Machado Stops By To Check It Out

Thevintagesurfboard donates an early 80’s twin fin to the Costa Verde International School’s benefit auction. The winning bid closed @ $400.00 to a local Santa Barbara resident.  This vintage board was one of many donated items, such as a Timmy Patterson simi gun, Guy Osaki hybrid fish, Al Merrick 5’8″ Fishcuit, dozens surf photos, $1000.00 shopping spree @ Volcom Santa Barbara, student photography, and much more… Also, many professional surfers attended the benefit including Rob Machado, Pat O’Connell, Kelly Slater, Danny Kwok, Shawn Stussy, and Tom Curren.

Overall, the evening was a huge success for Costa Verde International School. If you would like to support the school’s on-going growth, please visit

A huge thanks to for getting media attention for the evening and Wahoo’s Fish Tacos for feeding all of us. 




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