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Mark Richards Perfection


Bottom-small[1]    Fin-small[1]


This is Mark Richards personal pipeline gun from 1982. This surfboard and others will be auctioned off @ the 2009 Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction, July 17 + 18 in Hawaii.


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Lightning Bolt Salvation In Santa Cruz



A follower of TheVintageSurfboard scored a Eberly Bolt in Santa Cruz. Check out his story and pics. 

I was taking a group of children with disabilities for a surf  at Cowell’s, Westside Santa Cruz when a young man walked by with a Lightning Bolt. By the way he carried the board and the wax free deck, I could tell he was new to surfing.  I chatted with him and asked if he wanted to sell the board.  He said he wanted to trade it for a longboard to learn on.  My neighbor gave me a 9’2″ beater to trade with the fellow and a deal was made the following week. 

Now, the 6 foot Tom Eberly, single fin, rounded pintail is mine.  It is pretty beat up and dinged but straight with a cleal Rainbow fin.  The template and foil of the board are quite full with the volume carried all the way out the rail.  Clearly a lot of  foam for a 6’0″.  I would guess it to be from the end of the single fin era, 1980?

Steiny, Santa Cruz

If you would like to share your vintage collection on, please email a few pics of your board(s) and a brief description and I will post them to the site. 

Thank You – Kris


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