1980’s Twin Fin by Peter Schroff







The Standard Hotel and Quiksilver teamed up and created a vending machine that dispenses retro 80’s style board shorts at each of the Standard Hotels. To promote the new line of shorts, Quiksilver and the Standard hosted an artshow showcasing the art and surfboards of the 1980’s and the Echo Beach era including a rooftop pool party.  I was asked by Will from the Surf Gallery of Laguna Beach to contribute some of my 80’s surfboards to the artshow.  Of course, I was stoked to show off my gems to the surfing community.

Opening night of the artshow, I was stoked to see my boards amongst other great 80’s boards, including a Jeff Parker Model Wave Tools, Danny Kwok Model Wave Tools, a Shawn Stussy tri-fin, and classic 80’s art and photos.  My friends and I made our way up to the rooftop pool party. Once we get there, most of the party people are no older than 24 years old sporting all 80’s surf attire.  Most of them weren’t even born when the now infamous picture of Danny Kwok jumping rock-to-rock on the 56th Jetty with the polka-dot Wave Tools was taken. 

After buying a $8.00 warm Corona, I ventured to the other side of the pool bar to ponder my age and hoping to find someone who wanted to talk about vintage boards.  Ironically, I found this sweet looking Peter Schroff twin fin next to a silent manequin.


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