Never Ridden 1980s HIC Surfboard


This perfect condition, never ridden, mid 1980’s HIC surfboard was hiding 60 miles east of Los Angeles, California, in land locked area called the Inland Empire.  So, how did it remain un-ridden for all this time?!!!

Back in the mid 1980’s, I worked at Pacific Sunwear (commonly known now as Pac Sun) and I remember the store had many wall hanger boards that were airbrushed with vivid 80s colors and art. Could this be one of those wall hanger display boards? Either way, that was a time when a boards was shaped by a human being and designed to surf.  Now, you can find display boards at your local liquor store with a “Fosters” logo and more than likely shaped by a computer and not designed to surf.


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  1. Jack

    Hey…Thats my board hanging in my garage now. You must have taken that picture when I was getting it repaired. The guy I bought it from dropped it before listing it it on craigslist. I bought the board in Loma Linda. It’s now in Temecula along with my other boards. My first HIC was in 1988 that I bought on a trip to the south shore after college. It’s cool that you listed it on your website. That board has never been ridden or been in the water. Pure jem.

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