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Quiksilver Cracks Open Time Capsule And Finds Jeff Hakman and Mark Richards


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Ben Aipa and His 1970’s Stinger Tail Design

It’s clear that Ben Aipa’s Stinger tail is a must have in any vintage surfboard collector’s quiver.  One of my better finds is this 6’8″ mid-1970’s single fin Stinger tail. It had some damage to the nose and bottom deck, but the top airbrush hasn’t suffered from sunfade. 


Thanks to the waikikiboyz for posting this Youtube video of Ben Aipa discussing his 1975 Stinger at the 2007 Vintage Surfboard Auction in Hawaii. 


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Two Mulitplied By Four Fins Equals Two Radical 1980’s Schroff Quads

I caught up with Dave from the South Bay, Los Angeles, who has two clean vintage Schroff, “Baby Swallow,” quad fin surfboards.  Dave describes each board in the following interview.

Click on the following Craigslist link for vintage Schroff sales information:

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Vintage Cheyne Horan Surfboards Seen At Blazin Steaks Bar and Grill in Kailua, Hawaii

If you’re heading to Oahu for the winter season, take a break from the crowded North Shore and slide into old town Kailua. Fellow vintage surfboard collector, Kenny Lum, just opened Blazin Steaks Bar and Grill. You can order a steak, a cold beer and check out Kenny’s vintage board collection on display including 5’10” Lazor zap with original fin signed by Cheyne, 5’11” McCoy  Cheyne Horan model single fin, 6′ Lightning Bolt by Ron House, and a 6’2″ Town and Country single fin by Dennis Pang. 


43 Oneawa Street
Kailua HI 96734   ph.808-262-STKS



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Beyond Blazing Boards Fueled Our Hour Drive To Newport Beach, California

Growing up as a teenager an hour from the beach didn’t make it easy to learn how to surf.  However, during the summer of 1984,  my friend and I talked my mom to drive us to the beach so that we could buy surfboards and wetsuits at Huntington Surf and Sport.  Walking into the double-wide trailer surf shop located on PCH about a mile north of it’s current location, we scored some used boards.  He bought a random 5’10” thruster while I got a radical 5’7″ swallow tail, twin fin, purple and red McCoy. 

Somehow, my friend and I met a pack of other surfers from high school. Once all of us got our drivers licence, we surfed every weekend and even ditched class when the waves were going off (even though by the time we got there – it was always “better an hour ago”).  Before each surf trip and after, we would amp ourselves out by watching Beyond Blazing Boards by Chris Bystrom.  The opening footage with Tom Curren ripping  and Occy hucking that frontside air and landing it by flipping off the camera was our surfing class. We would watch that movie over and over again so that we could replicate our heros in the movie. 

Today,  I still have the same stoke when I watch the opening scene of Beyond Blazing Boards. I would be even more stoked if I still had my McCoy I bought in 1984. 

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Is Four Greater Than Or Less Than Three?

Currently, there is a serious debate of how many fins really do work the best, especially thruster vs. quad. Currently I’m riding an 5’5″, 21″,  by 2 1/2″ quad fin fish by EC Surfboards, 5’10”, 19.50″, by 2 1/2″ Lost Rocket thruster and recently tested an 6’0″, 20″, by 2 1/2″ Al Merrick Flyer quad. Each quad set-up board is extremely fast and works well rail-to-rail if in you’re in the sweet spot of the board. If my back foot was slightly out of the spot, the board became very difficult to turn.  With my tri-fin Rocket, I can put my back foot in various areas of  the tail without compromise of hitting the lip.

Life already gives us too many choices such as work or surf, single or married, comb-over or  Rogain, Pacifico or Corona, etc…  Having to choose between three and four fins is a choice I think I can live with.

Here are some 1980’s choices….


5’6″ Jim Phillips Quad or 5’10” Timpone Thruster?


tnc quad

6’2″ T&C Quad or 5’10” T&C Thruster?




5’8″ Doug Warren Quad OR 5’11” Harbour Thruster?



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Randy Lewis Single Fin Coke Swirl Surfboard

Huntington Beach, California, has a long history of surfboard shapers, including Randy Lewis. Randy has been part of Huntington Beach surf community since the early 1960’s. Today, Randy still shapes out of the Chuck Dent shop.  Below is a great sample of his work from the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. 

100_2132  100_2137 100_2139  100_2130

rl shop hb
Randy Lewis Surf Shop, Main Street, Huntington Beach, California, Circa 1984

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