Cheyne Horan: Lasor Zap, Tom Curren, + Sunkist

Growing up and surfing in the 1980’s, my friends and I really didn’t get Cheyne Horan. We didn’t know why he was a vegan?! We didn’t know how he could rip on a strange looking single fin when everyone was shredding thrusters?! What we did know, however, we wanted Tom Curren to kick his ass.  Today, I get where he was coming from and would love to have one of his Lazor Zap single fins. 


op pro cheyne

Check out Cheyne in a Sunkist soda commercial….



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3 responses to “Cheyne Horan: Lasor Zap, Tom Curren, + Sunkist

  1. metrognome

    I also grew up in the ’80s and didn’t really get him either, but I always found his boards and the fact that he was ripping on them when everyone else was on thrusters rather fascinating. I’d also love to get my hands on one of those Laser Zaps, but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen since they’re not exactly common around here (Florida).

    • I TOTALLY got Cheyne… the fitness, the “gamesmanship” the single fin… not just the “Lazor-Zap” but the double bump swallows, and the “keel” fin single. If you look at it now- he rode “single-fin fish” short/thick wide-tailed boards, designed to “skate” on the the weak waves that the pro tour wallowed in. If Cheyne had managed to actually win the title… board design would have been different (maybe not better-but different) he had a tremendous following… and he still is a fantastic surfer, remember he got 2nd four times! Free-thinking, experimental, risk-taking, inventive (tell Cheyne “thanks” every time you do a “floater”) Cheyne was/is things that “surfers” in general… are not

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