Is Four Greater Than Or Less Than Three?

Currently, there is a serious debate of how many fins really do work the best, especially thruster vs. quad. Currently I’m riding an 5’5″, 21″,  by 2 1/2″ quad fin fish by EC Surfboards, 5’10”, 19.50″, by 2 1/2″ Lost Rocket thruster and recently tested an 6’0″, 20″, by 2 1/2″ Al Merrick Flyer quad. Each quad set-up board is extremely fast and works well rail-to-rail if in you’re in the sweet spot of the board. If my back foot was slightly out of the spot, the board became very difficult to turn.  With my tri-fin Rocket, I can put my back foot in various areas of  the tail without compromise of hitting the lip.

Life already gives us too many choices such as work or surf, single or married, comb-over or  Rogain, Pacifico or Corona, etc…  Having to choose between three and four fins is a choice I think I can live with.

Here are some 1980’s choices….


5’6″ Jim Phillips Quad or 5’10” Timpone Thruster?


tnc quad

6’2″ T&C Quad or 5’10” T&C Thruster?




5’8″ Doug Warren Quad OR 5’11” Harbour Thruster?




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2 responses to “Is Four Greater Than Or Less Than Three?

  1. I’m not a surfer – but these are stunning!

    I think my husband would love the “quad”

    your new friend (from Dave and Ev’s)

    • thevintagesurfboard

      Hello Msbutterton,

      How are you?!!! If you want to become a surfer or rekindle the surfing fire for your husbanc, thevintagesurfboard does surf lessons as well.

      It was wonderful to meet the both of you. I hope to see you soon.

      I love your website.

      Your blogging friend,

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