Beyond Blazing Boards Fueled Our Hour Drive To Newport Beach, California

Growing up as a teenager an hour from the beach didn’t make it easy to learn how to surf.  However, during the summer of 1984,  my friend and I talked my mom to drive us to the beach so that we could buy surfboards and wetsuits at Huntington Surf and Sport.  Walking into the double-wide trailer surf shop located on PCH about a mile north of it’s current location, we scored some used boards.  He bought a random 5’10” thruster while I got a radical 5’7″ swallow tail, twin fin, purple and red McCoy. 

Somehow, my friend and I met a pack of other surfers from high school. Once all of us got our drivers licence, we surfed every weekend and even ditched class when the waves were going off (even though by the time we got there – it was always “better an hour ago”).  Before each surf trip and after, we would amp ourselves out by watching Beyond Blazing Boards by Chris Bystrom.  The opening footage with Tom Curren ripping  and Occy hucking that frontside air and landing it by flipping off the camera was our surfing class. We would watch that movie over and over again so that we could replicate our heros in the movie. 

Today,  I still have the same stoke when I watch the opening scene of Beyond Blazing Boards. I would be even more stoked if I still had my McCoy I bought in 1984. 


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One response to “Beyond Blazing Boards Fueled Our Hour Drive To Newport Beach, California


    classic flick I would always watch this b4 a surf. the music from the untouchables was great als0!!

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