Ben Aipa and His 1970’s Stinger Tail Design

It’s clear that Ben Aipa’s Stinger tail is a must have in any vintage surfboard collector’s quiver.  One of my better finds is this 6’8″ mid-1970’s single fin Stinger tail. It had some damage to the nose and bottom deck, but the top airbrush hasn’t suffered from sunfade. 


Thanks to the waikikiboyz for posting this Youtube video of Ben Aipa discussing his 1975 Stinger at the 2007 Vintage Surfboard Auction in Hawaii. 



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5 responses to “Ben Aipa and His 1970’s Stinger Tail Design

  1. metrognome

    Nice board. I’m a bit fuzzy on what makes a stinger. I have a 6’4″ Bahne single fin with a very similar outline to this — pronounced wings about 1/3rd up from the tail — but it has a round pin tail. Does it still qualify as a stinger?

  2. ashley

    very nice i actually have a vintage stinger about 6’8 i love it but have to yake it in for damage repair. im looking for a possible buyer

  3. Just spent a rainy day shaping a 7 stringer stinger. All day long with my 16 year old son. I explained that it would take many decades for him to learn to surf like Larry Bertleman and even if he spent that time he still would find it hard to make a match. My son loves the old school style in both surfing and skating. Mimiking Larrys drop hand bent knee bottom turns and cuttbacks. I as well loved to mimmmick.
    As a shaper I find it hard to produce boards ( with contemporary outlines )that would help this retro style to succeed.
    Back in the day we shaped from broken-up longboards as we did today. What a thrill. Six shot hours in dust and recreating a past never forgotten.
    I sure hope my son is happy as me and he at least gets one really smooth bouncing back hand, arching, round house cuttbacks. MAXWAVE on. Send comments to

  4. Mary Lambert

    I have a 1970 Ben Aipa Surf Board. It’s not a stinger and has a few small dings but it’s actually numbered.

    • thevintagesurfboard

      Aloha Mary,

      Thank you for the email about your 1970 Ben Aipa. Do you have any pictures you would like to share on


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