Twin Fins, a Swallow Tail, and a Strap

I picked up this unsual 5’4″  fish a few years ago at a yard sale. The interesting twist to this board is the rope handle. I’m not sure if it was designed with the strap or not, however, with the lightning bolt streaming both rails, I had to get it.  Since the rope sat in what appeared to be non-watertight holes, I didn’t give it surf.  It now belongs to a collector in Huntington Beach, California. 





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4 responses to “Twin Fins, a Swallow Tail, and a Strap

  1. metrognome

    Weird. I’m having a hard time figuring out what purpose the strap served.

    • thevintagesurfboard

      Me too!

      • metrognome

        Another thing I just thought about is that I’ve never seen a leash hole drilled into a fin on a twin fin. Seems like a recipe for ripping out a fin since the stress of the board dragging in the soup after a wipeout would pull the fin at least partly toward the side instead of from the back, as it would on a single fin.

  2. Looks similar to the handles Bunker Spreckles (sp?) had on some of his boards…


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