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Vintage Surfboard Collector “Nerds”: Are we any different from Star Treky or Stamp Collector Nerds?”

NO! We are the same in our passion, excitement, and energy as any other committed collector. Be part of the “Nerdyness” this Saturday, 7:00 a.m., May 22 @ the Longboard Collector Club Event located at the California Heritage Museum, 2612 Main Stree, Santa Monica, California. 


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“Eggy Weggy”

I couldn’t have sold my vintage, 5’10” Infinity twin fin egg to a more stylish surfer. Brian from Highland Park emails me through my Infinity Craigslist posting and titles it “Eggy Weggy…” With a subject title like that, I had to sell it to him. Thanks Brian – Rip and Tear!

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