Say No To Drugs And Yes To Stussy

My friend Ian had just surfed Breakwater, Venice Beach. Walking back to the car in the ally, he was approached by a homeless person. He asked Ian if wanted to buy some weed to help him get the bus back to Florida. Ian said “No – I’m cool but how much for the Stussy surfboard under your arm?” The guy said “Do you want to buy it? Give me $50.00.” After a few flip flop offers, Ian scored this late 1980’s Stussy for me for $30.00. It’s rough but worth it for the story.

 Every board has a story- this is makes me wonder how many people rode her and where?



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2 responses to “Say No To Drugs And Yes To Stussy

  1. Jon

    WOW! Great story! Love the martini glasses on the fins..and of course you can’t go wrong with channels!

  2. Ty

    I learnt on one exactly the same, then she disappeared. Obviously not the same one, cause I live in australia, but looked identical. Does your friend want to sell it? I’m in states July, please let me know!!

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