I created this site so that my collection can have an audience, instead of dust.  My interest in collecting started in 1995 when I found a 5’9″ near mint condition G&S twin fin at a thrift store. At the time, 1960’s longboards were in high demand, but not 70’s or 80’s boards.  Based on speculation, I searched the Recycler weekly and found some rad vintage surfboards throughout the 90’s and 2000’s. Today, Craigslist and eBay are the mediums of choice along with hundreds of other collectors of vintage surfboards around the world. Today in 2016, 1960’s longboards are dwindling in price and demand, and 80’s are in demand.

I welcome any comments, pictures of your boards that you would like to add to the site, offers, or want to sell.



email: thevintagesurfboard@gmail.com


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  1. Karl

    Hey Kris…

    I picked up a killer OP single fin, with a British Peace Sign airbrush… its in storage, Ill try to get a picture of it… super sick…

    Do you have or have you seen and Casters around


    • thevintagesurfboard

      Hey Karl,

      How’s it going?!!!!!

      Yes, try to get a pic of that single fin OP so that we can get it up on the site.


  2. Adam

    Hey Karl,

    They are selling a Caster surfboard on this site if you are interested. http://www.chubbysurf.com/vintageboards2.html

  3. Rhys


    I am having trouble determining whether i have a real McCoy surfboard! I have looked all over the internet but i can’t find any information about it…i was wandering that maybe you might have come across something similiar or might hold some information about it or where i could get some information from!

    There isn’t many markings on it, it has:
    1. the infamous McCoy logo across the middle
    2. Shaped by Mal Hockley
    3. and is 5’7″ long…other than that nothing else


  4. Wade

    Dose anyone have the history on Mako surfboards. Found one at a garage sell in great condition from the early 60s. Thanks Wade

  5. Brian Thomen

    I live in Hermosa Beach, California and I’ve been researching appraisers for my 1965 Bing Surfboard. Can you advise me as to how I would get an appraisal and ultimately put it up for sale or auction? Thank you for any advice you may have.

    Serial Number: 3994,
    9 feet 7 inches long
    Redwood Stringers
    Thick glass
    Great condition
    Large 9 inch D Fin
    White with green competition stripe
    White pin striping
    Katamacave Bottom – Noll called it a slot bottom and Bing called it a Katamacave bottom (catamaran and concave-like)
    Bing logo with no name in it (Made to look like cat eyes – ordered that way from BING in 1965 by my friend Steve Clark, who was the one and only, original owner)

  6. Camilo


    I have a Town and Country Surf Design, Made in Hawaii Sunny Garcia SurfBoard. I would like to sell it, contact me if you are interested.


  7. murf

    Anyone know whom owns the Martin Potter Blue Hawaii flames surfboard on the forum surfboard?


    If so please let me know. Murf

  8. Hello ken,
    I have a one of a kind mark richards twin fin in mint condition never been ridden. i was in the hurley art show called against the grain the team up with the 80s shapers with 80s punk rock artists the board was hand shaped by mark himself and the artwork on the bottom was done by kris markovich amazing 80s skateboarder i bought the board back in 05 and been sitting on it ever since. there were 17 boards that were all sold for charity by vh1 save the music foundation the cheapest board went for 3,000$ us just wanted you to take a look at it and let me know if you have a market for the board. like i said its 284/500 that MR came back and shaped and hand signed on the deck…look forward to hearing from you and i love your website spent hours on here loving it.


    Hermosa beach CA & Hana Maui

  9. murf

    Kris – sent you an email – I am sure you won’t respond – as I’ve sent a few cheers murf

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