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The Attraction of Instagram

So, a few follow collectors have asked me recently why haven’t you kept your blog up to date. “INSTAGRAM!” For the past three years, I’ve abandon this blog for the ease and fun of Instagram. Deep down I knew I needed to slow down and do some updates. The catalyst to log on was the invite by Dennis Jarvis to host a vintage surfboard swap at his  1st annual Surf Expo, August 20th, 2016, and one collector calling me and stating “What’s with your website, it’s outdated..?”

I’m not sure who’s reading, but here I am, posting pictures and talking story about old surfboards. I also had my talented wife draw a logo and we made some hats and t-shirts. I might even sell a few at the Surf Expo.

photo 2-3.PNGphoto 1-7.JPG


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